Clean windows not only make your home or business look nice, but provides other benefits as well. They make your house feel more comfortable, reduce allergens, control spiders and prevent mold from growing. Window cleaning creates an inviting and sanitary environment for you and your guests.

Residential Window Cleaning

Keeping your home maintained and looking great takes work and if done improperly, window cleaning can leave streaks and spots making your windows look bad. However, getting your windows cleaned by a professional takes this regular task off your to-do list so you can relax. Residential window cleaning prices are determined by the type of windows, height, condition and the overall number of windows. While regular window cleaning is recommended it is absolutely required if you are selling your home. Clean windows are essential for curb appeal and is one of the first things prospective buyers will notice.

Commercial Window Cleaning

Businesses need to put their best foot forward presenting a clean and welcoming appearance. Dirty, dusty windows makes it look like your business has closed or doesn’t care. Restaurants, retail stores and offices should have their windows cleaned every week to showcase their business. Having your windows regularly cleaned will invite new prospective customers and keep your existing customers coming back.

Construction Window Cleaning

Building new homes and spaces creates a tremendous amount of dirt, sawdust, glue, paint spray and drywall mud. After construction is complete, a thorough window cleaning will need to be performed to remove all of this debris and make the home look like new. Post construction window cleaning requires special tools and chemicals and entails washing the inside and outside of all windows, screen cleaning and wiping down all sills and tracks.

When hiring a professional window cleaning in Houston, be sure they are attentive to every detail and provide superior customer service. They should be dependable and make your windows crystal clear every time.

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