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New Gutter Installation | Houston, TX

Gutter Installation

Is your home or building in need of new or replacement gutters? TruShine is the partner for you. We provide expert gutter installation in Houston and surrounding areas for homes and buildings of all sizes. We customize our cutters to meet your needs and match your style, adding function and value to your home or building. Excellent quality gutters at a great price installed by an expert team is our promise to you as a TruShine customer – give us a call with questions or to get started today! 

TruShine Gutter Installation Meets Your Needs By Providing:


  • Low-maintenance and durable gutter systems 
  • Gutters and downspouts that clog less often than traditional models
  • Materials that guard against dents, leaks, and rust
  • A variety of styles and colors – fully customizable!
  • Fit and styled to match your home
  • A seamless and timeless appearance
  • Efficient installation and flexible scheduling
  • Great value and affordable pricing
  • Exceptional customer service from beginning to end
  • Houston’s best gutter installation team

Why Replace Your Gutters?

While we are lucky to have normally nice weather here in the Houston area, rainfall and normal wear and tear can still do a number on your gutters. Your gutters may be dented, sagging, or even pulling away from your home. They might be made of a material that has deteriorated or rusted over time, or were just never installed right in the first place. Your gutters may also just not meet the needs of your home – perhaps they aren’t installed along all sides of the home that experience water runoff or are a color, style, or material that clashes with your overall look. 

The consequences of not replacing damaged or malfunctioning gutters can be severe – the purpose of gutters is to collect and drive water away from your home; when they don’t do this job well, that water can damage your roof, siding, foundation, even the interior of your home. Gutters that don’t work are truly useless, while a gutter system that does its job effectively can save you thousands over time in repair costs. 

Luckily, replacing your old or damaged gutters with effective and efficient new gutters and downspouts is as easy as picking up the phone and calling TruShine! Our seamless gutter systems are fully customizable so you can get the style, color, and look you want with exceptional quality and long-lasting results guaranteed. 

Frequently Asked Questions - Gutter Installation

How do I know if I need new gutters?

If you have recently declogged and cleaned your gutters (normal maintenance that you should do once or twice a year) and your gutters still do not collect all rainwater and deposit it far away from your home’s foundation, you probably need new gutters. Gutter systems are prone to sagging, pulling away from the roof, denting, and rusting (depending on the material they’re made of) – which are all issues that make them unable to do their job of directing water away from your home’s foundation. You’d be surprised at how many gutter systems aren’t correctly installed in the first place, leaving the homeowner vulnerable to the serious issues that can happen when gutter systems fail. 


How much do new gutters cost? 

The cost of replacing or installing a new gutter system depends on several factors. At TruShine, we work with you to customize your gutters so they match the needs and style of your home or building. Larger buildings will require more materials and time for a gutter installation and, therefore, will cost more. Smaller homes that require fewer materials and less time will cost less. Give us a call to talk through your needs and schedule a time for us to give you a quote. 


What are the benefits of replacing my gutters? 

There are a lot of benefits to replacing the gutters on your home or building, including: 

  • More effective and efficient water drainage away from the home
  • Water damage prevention for your roof, siding, foundation, and home interior
  • A possible increase in the resale value of your home
  • A clean and effective gutter system (no need to drag out your ladder this year – hooray!) 
  • Updated styling and seamless look for your home or building
  • Mitigate the issues that can happen when gutter systems wear out over time, or experience problems related to their installation

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