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Tru Maintenance Care

Keep your home cleaned year-round

What is the Tru Maintenance Care program?

Introducing our exceptional Tru Maintenance Care program (TMC), designed to keep your windows spotless throughout the year. External dirt and dust usually become visible after 3-4 months following a cleaning, influenced by various factors like weather, lawn care, pets, and children.

Elevate the care for your windows with our exclusive Tru Maintenance Care program, ensuring they receive the attention they truly deserve. Enroll today and enjoy nearly 40% discount on your regular one-time cleaning!

To join the Tru Maintenance Care program, simply reach out to us and let us know of your interest.

Discover the advantages of regular professional window cleaning services:

  • Safeguard against scratching caused by outdoor elements.

  • Prevent hard water and calcium build-up, avoiding potential window replacement or costly glass restoration treatments.

  • Enhance energy efficiency by keeping windows clean, preventing heat absorption and damage to valuable rugs, drapery, and furniture from harmful UV rays.

  • Join our cost-effective Tru Maintenance Care Program to save time and money, ensuring your windows stay immaculate without any worries.

How the process works:

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Select your preferred services, and we’ll collaborate with you to tailor a schedule that perfectly suits your needs. Your convenience is our priority!

Scheduled Cleaning

 With a reliable schedule in place, our team will regularly visit to ensure your windows and more are impeccably taken care of. You can count on us for consistent and professional service!

Enjoy your view

Sit back, relax, and relish the splendid view of your windows and exterior. Let us handle the rest, so you can fully enjoy the beauty of your surroundings!

Wondering how the Tru Maintenance Care Program operates?

Once we’ve provided the initial cleaning, you can expect your windows to stay visibly clean for approximately 4 – 6 months. No need to reach out every time you desire a cleaning; our convenient quarterly cleaning schedule will keep your property spotless throughout the year. Enjoy hassle-free, year-round cleanliness with our program!

Which services does the Tru Maintenance Care program encompass?

The Tru Maintenance Care (TMC) program includes comprehensive services such as quarterly gutter cleaning and window cleaning, available for the Greater Houston area. With TMC, your property will receive top-notch care for gutters and windows to keep everything in pristine condition.

Window Cleaning

Gutter Cleaning

How much does it cost?

Embark on our Tru Maintenance Care Program with prices starting at $125 per quarter (pricing varies depending on several factors). Experience the exceptional value of our program, offering remarkable discounts compared to individual one-off cleanings. Enjoy a fantastic 40% discount on your one-time exterior cleaning, making it equivalent to receiving four cleanings a year for the price of just two!

Is there a long Term agreement?

Concerning a long-term commitment, we offer a 1-year service agreement for our TMC program, which includes four services within that duration for both window and gutter cleaning. After the agreement period ends, you’ll transition into a flexible quarter-to-quarter basis with no contractual obligations, maintaining the same low price. We strive to provide you with convenience and value throughout our partnership.

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