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Screen Repair in Houston, TX

TruShine offers window screen repair and replacement :

There are different types and colors of window screens available in the market, most common ones are Aluminum, Fiberglass and polyester, which all may lose their color or strength over the time in direct contact with sun or rain.

Screen Repair FAQ's

 How can you get your screens repaired?

You can Bring your window screens to our office, we will repair them and will reach back to you once they are ready, or you can have us come out and pick them up, bring it to our office, repair them and bring them back to you. 

How long would it take to replace the screens?

Screen replacement only depends on how much work load our company have as it is a first come first serve service, but in majority of cases our technicians will have the screens ready for you within day or two.

Do we replace frames as well?

Yes, we can replace and match the color to your broken frame.

How much does it cost to repair my window screens?

TruShine window cleaning usually charges $40 for each bug screen up to 6 sqft and $60 for any screen between 6 and 9 sqft if you drop off and pick them up from our office, and if you are interested in contactless pick up and delivery, we do charge additional trip fee of $75 in addition to the cost of your screens.

Where can you drop off the screens?

Our office is located 3525 Murdock ST, Houston, TX 77047, but we always do suggest for you to reach us at (832)713-3545 prior to delivery of your window screens.

Do you take off and install the screens from my home?

Yes, Our staff can take off and install the screen from your windows for $2 each in addition to delivery and pick up fee.

How can I schedule my repair service?

You can simply schedule your repair service by clicking on the button below.


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