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Terms and Conditions
“We” or “our” or “TWC” refers to Trushine Window Cleaning Ltd. “You”, “your” or “the client” refers to the customer receiving the service(s) detailed.
– Any special accommodation has to be reviewed and accepted by management staff prior accepting the proposal.
– Quotations are valid for 30 days, and accepted only in writing by signature and will subject to the Terms and Conditions herein on the day of services.
– All work shall be completed in workmanship like manner, and if applicable, in compliance with all building codes and other applicable laws.
– TWC warrants that it is adequately insured for injury to its employees and other incurring loss of injury as a result of the acts of its employees.
– TWC reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. In the event that any changes are made, the revised terms and conditions shall be posted on the website immediately.

– All windows must be closed on day of service. Any open windows which cannot be closed will not be washed.
– You must ensure that all items to be cleaned are structurally sound prior to cleaning; Trushine Window Cleaning LTD reserves the right to photograph and/or notate any areas not structurally sound, and will notify the client prior to services being performed.
– Full access is required on the day of the clean/repair. We are unable to move any obstacles which may inhibit cleaning or repair. Should partial access on the scheduled day reduce the extent of the clean/repair, we reserve the right to charge for a percentage of the windows/repair completed. If no access is
available the day of the scheduled clean/repair, a $100 trip fee charge will be incurred.
– We will not clean any windows we consider to be inaccessible or unsafe on the day of the clean.
– External glass surfaces will usually be washed with pure water from water fed poles, and will be left to dry naturally.
– A window or door is defined as any part which consists of frame, sill, sash and glass, made of wood, aluminium, steel or UVPC.
– Sills made of brick, tile, stone, or any material other than listed above (wood, aluminium, steel or UVPC) may damage our brushes, and will not be washed.
– TWC has 24 Hours Streak FREE Guarantee on all of our window cleaning packages.

– Although pressure washing will remove most stains from patio, paths, and driveways, some marks may not be removed by this process.
– We require access to an external water supply to complete any pressure washing services.
_ Client is responsible to cover/ remove all valuable outdoor furnitures or there will be a $150 additional fee to remove furniture (Trushine window cleaning is not responsible for any damages made by chemicals to any outdoor furnitures or appliances)
– TWC has 3 days guarantee on premium pressure washing Package only.

– Basic gutter cleaning is restricted to the gutters, and does not include Hauling away the debris and repair or replacement of any parts of the gutter or down spouts. An additional cost may incur for these items if necessary.
– Gutter cleaning entails only the cleaning out of the inside of the gutter by leaf blower during the summer/spring and by gutter scoop during the winter/fall. It does not include the cleaning of any exterior surface of the gutter. This service can be provided for an additional cost.
– TWC has 15 days guarantee on All gutter cleaning packages.

– We do not accept liability for any unforeseen circumstances or damages caused during the services provided. This includes but is not limited to chemical reactions caused to nearby substrates not identified prior to the commencement of services by the client.
– We reserve the right to Not accept any awning cleaning service if the substrate is more than 5 years old or it does not pass our initial inspection.
– TWC has 24 hours guarantee on all awning cleaning services.

– Postponement of any service will require 48 hour notice from the client before any scheduled date . Notice under 48 hours or upon arrival of technicians on the scheduled day will be charges a $100 trip fee.
As our cleaning and repair processes apply throughout the year, weather conditions will not be accepted as reason from the client to postpone our scheduled service.
– In the rare instance of weather conditions where we deem it unsafe conditions for our employees, or our cleaning or repair services are inoperable, we will endeavor to provide you with as much notice as possible and reschedule the service. Trushine cannot be held liable for any delay in services due to material shortage,
or any other circumstances beyond its control.
– Payments are due upon receipt, therefore TWC reserves the right to request all client’s credit card information or $100 deposit to schedule the service appointment. all payments may be made on the day of service in the form of cash, check or credit card. The method of payment may be in person, over the phone, or using our
Online payment platform.. In addition TWC does require 50% deposit on all jobs that requires material to be purchased.
– Postal payments for all commercial accounts may be remitted to Trushine Window Cleaning LTD, 10515 Southwest FWY, Ste E-06 Houston, TX 77074.
– Trushine reserves the right to refuse service to any customer with any outstanding balances.
– In the event of dispute over payment, it is the clients responsibility to prove that payment in full has been made and cleared plus any cost incurred in debt recovery including late payment charges.
– We reserve the right to terminate your account without prior notice, and terminated accounts will not re-qualify for any introductory offer if the account is re-opened.
– Late fee schedule is as follows:
1. All residential accounts that are Past 10 calendar days of completed services day, 10% of total invoice.
2. All Commercial account that are past 30 calendar days of completed service day, 10% of total invoice.
3. In the event that the client shall fail to pay any invoices within 60 days of completion of services, Trushine may file a claim with the county clerk and/or submit the invoice to collections, and Client will be responsible for all collection agencies, Lawyers and Court Fees, If their invoice has been submitted to collection.
– All sales on services are final and no refund will be rendered in the exception of damaged material.
– Residential contracts require 7 days written notice from the client prior to termination.
– Less the required period of notice to terminate any contract will incur the full charge of any scheduled work.
– All sales and cleaning services are subject to TAX, per Texas state law.
– If we schedule a trip for a complaint by the client, and it is determined that Trushine completed the services to our standard of satisfaction, the client will be charged a $100 trip fee.
– We reserve the right to change the terms and conditions at any time without notice. A copy of our current terms and conditions is available upon request.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties have executed this agreement by accepting this proposal, Electronically or in writing.

LAST UPDATED ON 05/11/2022

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