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Hard water stain is practically a stain that created from water that has high mineral content. Water is full of minerals such as magnesium, calcium, metal cations, sulfates and bicarbonates. When hard water comes in contact with your windows or glass, it will leave “water spots” behind. Those stains contain calcium deposits or lime scale. we commonly see these types of stains on shower doors/walls as well as homes with no water softener.

Here at TruShine Window Cleaning, we carry and use wide selection of Stain Removers, that vary in degrees of effectiveness depending on how severe your stain is.

What’s the best Chemical to use when removing hard water stains? We get this question all the time and majority of the time it all depends on how bad the stains are. First, keep in mind that a basic window cleaning alone will not do the trick, although our technicians are equipped to handle any type of cleaning, we need to remove all the stains by scrubbing and ultimately removing them by hand. When it comes to hard water stains not all of them are created equal. You can start with a simple and mild solution and then progressively move towards a more heavy-duty solution.


How much does it cost to remove hard water stains? Every window and every type of stain are completely unique, therefore it is nearly impossible to put an average price on all the stains, but you can always reach out our professional window cleaners for a free on site estimate.

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