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How Do Windows Get So Dirty? | TruShine HoustonCleaning your home’s windows is a task that can seem quick and easy. But, while spritzing an interior windowpane with a store-bought cleaning solution and wiping with a paper towel may provide some meager improvement, any experienced professional window cleaning specialist knows this is not the way to make your windows truly shine.

For homeowners who routinely find themselves asking, “How did my windows get so dirty?”, read on to learn more and discover how to achieve a longer-lasting clean and shine.


Dirty Window Cause #1: Cleaning Solution Residue

Off-the-shelf (also known as “non-professional”) cleaning solutions are used by millions of homeowners each year. These economical and quick sprays can indeed make windows cleaner and shinier. However, a major downside of these cleaning solutions is the residue they leave behind. Even options advertised as “streak-free” rarely provide a perfect clean.

This residue acts like a magnet for dirt, dust, and grime. Professional window cleaning solutions use proprietary non-toxic ingredients that mitigate this issue. While a store-bought brand may work in a pinch, longer-lasting and truly streak-free shines can often only be achieved through the use of professional cleaning agents.


Dirty Window Cause #2: Mesh Window Screens

The vast majority of residential windows today include wire mesh screens. These devices allow fresh air to flow into the home while keeping out various types of pests and unwanted debris. Although these screens add immense protective value to a home’s windows, they can also contribute to dirt and grime buildup.

When it rains, the dirt and dust that catches on these screens can make its way onto the outside of the windowpane. This debris can create an unsightly series of smudges and streaks. To make matters worse, these marks are present on the outside of the windows, creating a significant home window cleaning challenge for many homeowners.

Window screens are often ignored by homeowners when cleaning their windows. It is important to wash these screens a couple times per year to prevent dust and dirt from accumulating. Many professional home window cleaning services like TruShine offer specialized screen cleaning in addition to window cleaning.


Dirty Window Cause #3: Residue from Cooking and Smoking

Cooking at home releases steam, grease, and bacteria into the atmosphere of your entire residence, not just your kitchen. Over time these impurities can settle on the glass of your window panes, leaving them looking dirty, muddy, and generally unsightly.

The same effect occurs when individuals smoke cigarettes or cigars inside. A greasy yellow film on interior window panes is a tell-tale sign that smoking impurities are accumulating. Due to the complex composition of these types of impurities and the frequency with which many smokers contribute to the problem, homes with smokers will benefit from hiring a professional window cleaning service on at least a quarterly basis.


Dirty Window Cause #4: Hard Water Stains

On a warm spring or summer day, many homeowners may be tempted to give the outside of their windows a quick cleaning with the garden hose. However, this decision may actually make the situation worse instead of better. The tap water released by exterior faucets often contains various sediments and minerals that leave behind hard water stains long after the water itself has evaporated.

If these stains are not addressed in a timely manner, they can cause such a significant amount of damage to the glass as to necessitate the replacement of the windows. Hiring a professional home window cleaning services for a home’s exterior windows is a much more economical solution compared to the consequences of accumulating hard water stains and subsequent window replacement.


Dirty Window Cause #5: Children and Pets

Little children are notorious for putting their hands on everything, including the interior glass panes of windows. Similarly, many pets often press their noses and paws against a home’s windows. Over time, dirt and grease transfers and sticks to the glass. For homes that have children and/or pets, be prepared to keep non-toxic window cleaners stocked and utilize the services of professional window cleaners at least twice a year.

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