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How to Clean a Window Without Windex | Trushine Window Cleaning HoustonWindow cleaning is one of those tasks that most people would rather not do themselves. It’s tedious, it’s dirty, and it requires a lot of elbow grease. That’s why so many people turn to Windex to clean their windows – it’s an easy-to-find and effective cleaning solution that does a decent job. But what if there was a better way? In this blog post, we will discuss the best way to clean your windows without using Windex or any other commercial window cleaning solutions.

At TruShine, we are Greater Houston’s go-to source for professional home window cleaning. We have been in business for years and have cleaned thousands of windows throughout the area. Our team of experienced window cleaners will leave your windows clean and streak-free – no Windex required! Keep reading to learn how to clean a window without Windex and call us today to schedule your window cleaning.

How Windows Get So Dirty

Before we get into the window-cleaning process, let’s take a look at why windows tend to get so dirty in the first place. Windows are exposed to a lot of environmental elements such as dirt, dust, and pollen, which can stick to the glass and build up over time. Additionally, window frames can accumulate grime over time from fingerprints and other oils that have been transferred through contact.

Why Avoid Windex?

While Windex and other commercial window cleaning solutions are effective at removing dirt and grime from window surfaces, they can also be damaging to certain window treatments such as window blinds or wood frames. Additionally, many window cleaners contain chemicals that are not good for your health or the environment. Finally, switching to a reusable and refillable plastic or glass spray bottle with a homemade solution is much more eco-friendly than continuously buying Windex.

How to Make Your Own Window Cleaning Solution

With an easy internet search, you will find plenty of window cleaning solutions that you can make yourself. The most common window-cleaning solution is a 1:1 combination of water and white vinegar. White vinegar helps cut through dirt, grime, and other oily substances on window frames more effectively than Windex or other commercial window cleaners. If your windows are especially dirty, you can always clean them first with dish soap and water to remove tough stuck-on dirt and grime, then go over them again with water and vinegar to shine and polish.

Now that you have your window-cleaning solution, it’s time to get down to business and actually clean the windows! The process of window cleaning is fairly straightforward, but there are a few key steps you should follow:

  1. Start by dusting off the window frames and sills and removing any window treatments to give yourself a clean area to work with.
  2. Mix your window-cleaning solution and pour it into a spray bottle for easy application.
  3. Spray window frames and window panes with window-cleaning solution, making sure to thoroughly soak any areas with stuck-on dirt and grime.
  4. Wipe down window surfaces with a microfiber cloth or lint-free cloth – this will help to prevent streaks and smudges.
  5. Once window surfaces have been wiped clean, use a squeegee to dry window panes in one continuous S-shaped motion.
  6. To finish the window cleaning process, polish and buff window frames with a dry microfiber cloth.

And there you have it – window-cleaning without Windex! If window cleaning isn’t your thing, don’t worry – that’s what TruShine is here for. We are the go-to Houston window cleaners and we can get your windows looking their best with our professional window cleaning service. Our team of experienced window cleaners uses only the best products and techniques to ensure your windows are streak-free and crystal clear.

For window cleaning in Houston, trust the window cleaning experts at TruShine to get the job done right. Contact us today for a window cleaning quote! We look forward to hearing from you.

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